Month: December 2016

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National Bank of Canada raises dividend 2%

Dividend Raises

On December 2nd, the Board of Directors at National Bank of Canada announced “a dividend of 56 cents per common share, up 1 cent or 2%, payable on February 1, 2017 to shareholders of record on December 28, 2016” (

Before Net Increase After
Annual Dividend $2.20 $0.04 $2.24
Monthly Dividend $0.183 $0.004 $0.187
Percentage Increase 1.82%

National Bank was one of my smallest investments made, and yet bears the largest gain at over 55%. That was an unfortunate combination, but this Quebec-based company continues to deliver dividend raises and so I will hold on to my shares and perhaps add more when the market valuation drops and the dividend returns to my large yield-on-cost. At the time, however, it appears that banks with exposure to the U.S.A offer more upside (Royal Bank, or TD).

Dividend Income increased 0.05%

Considering the Dividend Beginner portfolio contains 30 shares of NA, my annual income from NA has increased by $1.20, from $ 66.00 to $67.20. My 12-month forward dividend income has increased from $2,294.04 to $2,295.24, an increase of 0.05%. My income from NA accounts for 2.7% of my annual dividend income.

While a $1.20 increase in annual dividend income seems quite low, think about how it would require an investment of $29.48, at a yield of 4.07% (NA’s dividend yield) to generate $1.20 in dividend income. That’s the equivalent of getting one to three hours of your life back, depending on your wage.

Before Net Increase After
Annual Dividend $ 2,294.04 $1.20 $ 2,295.24
Monthly Dividend $191.17 $0.10 $191.27
Percentage Increase 0.05%
Dividends November 2016

November 2016 Dividend Income


November was an incredible month for dividend raises. The Dividend Beginner portfolio registered FIVE dividend raises from various companies. This is one of those months where the methodology is really paying off and showing something. As the positions get bigger, so will the result of the raises.

In addition to that, a few more positions continued to be dropped from the portfolio as I eased up in some areas to further concentrate in others in the coming year. My portfolio is now down to 21 positions which I would enjoy investing in further given the right conditions. I would like to further rearrange my real estate exposure, but that’s in the future.

Summary of November Investment Activities

Throughout November, I’ve purchased:

  • Nothing!

Five of my holdings increased their dividend.

Two of my holdings were sold to recuperate capital:

None of my holdings reduced their dividends.

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stockbroking success

Overcoming Stockbroking Challenges


Sometime ago, the stock exchanges were for the brokers to take and direct them to whichever direction they desired. All access to exchanges was controlled by brokers. However, the emergence and strengthening of other players in the industry and more stringent rules and regulations has changed the world of stockbroking. While the technological advancement has brought with it many benefits including introduction of big online trading platforms such as CMC Markets which has eased the work of stockbrokers, it has heaped a lot of pressure on brokers to change the way they conduct business. However, this does not mean that stockbroking has lost its promise as one of the most profitable careers as long as you know how to combat the emerging challenges.

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