Month: October 2016

Alaris Royalty Corp.

Stocking up on Alaris Royalty (AD) for the 4th Time


After selling my position in SNC to claim my first ever stock profit, I reinvested the proceeds into one of my favourite income generating assets, Alaris Royalty Corp., which already makes up a big chunk of The Dividend Beginner portfolio.

On October 3rd, I bought 55 more shares of Alaris Royalty for $22.59, with a trading cost of $6.95 for a total investment of $1,249.40. My position is now 225 shares of Alaris, which holds a market value of $4,968.00.

This is the fourth time I’m purchasing shares in AD, below is a summary of my purchase history of Alaris shares.

Date Shares Price Value
Oct 3 2016 55 $22.59 $1,249.40
April 7 2016 50 $29.20 $1,467.95
Jan 15 2016 60 $22.00 $1,326.95
Nov 9 2015 60 $24.80 $1,494.95

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Sold SNC-Lavalin (SNC) to Claim my First Profit


As I ponder current market conditions and my portfolio, I find myself wanting to liquidate a few positions. Definitely not all, but some excess fat can certainly be trimmed. After SNC recently revised down their 2016 guidance the stock took a really big hit, and I decided now was as good a time as any to get rid of this one. Note: I wanted to sell before guidance was revised down, this just solidified my decision.

I first bought 25 shares of SNC for $42.47, when it was a low P/E of 4.8, a dividend of 2.33%, and a slew of legal troubles hanging over them. At that time I was fairly certain the price would rise considering it was close to it’s 52-week low and was a contrarian play. I had probably learned that term – contrarion – the same day I bought my shares as it was all the way at the beginning of my journey. My original cost basis came to $1,068.70 which includes the CIBC Investor’s Edge trading fee of $6.95.

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Dividend income September 2016

September 2016 Dividend Income


Another month has passed without a purchase as my cash position silently increases. I believe the elections will lead to some volatility and plan to spend some time then purchasing assets if there are sales. For the time being I’m trying to take a hard look at my portfolio and trim where possible.

Summary of September Investment Activities

Throughout August, I’ve purchased:

  • nothing

One of my holdings increased their dividend.

None of my holdings reduced their dividends.

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Fortis (FTS) increases the dividend by 6.7%, marking their 43rd annual increase

Dividend Raises

On September 27th, Fortis announced a 6.7% boost to the quarterly dividend, raising it from $0.375 to $0.40 per share. The annual dividend payment, as a result, is now $1.60 from $1.50.

Before Net Increase After
Annual Dividend $1.50 $0.10 $1.60
Quarterly Dividend $0.375 $0.025 $0.40
Average Monthly Dividend $0.125 $0.008 $0.13
Percentage Increase 6.7%

This marks Fortis’ 43rd consecutive dividend increase. The corporation is one of the few high-quality Canadian companies which have a defined dividend growth plan; which I am a humongous fan of. I would love for more Canadian companies to define dividend growth plans as Fortis, Telus and Enbridge have. Fortis’ dividend growth plan is to increase the dividend by 6% through 2021.

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