Month: December 2015

Telus Purchase

Recent Purchase: Telus (TSE: T)


On December 17th, I purchased 30 shares of Telus (TSE: T) at $37.50, with a trading cost of $6.95 for a total investment of $1,131.95. Telus shares fell between 6% – 9% throughout the day yesterday on news that Shaw has bought Wind Mobile for $1.6B; reason being that shareholders now fear the competition this might bring. This is the third time I’m purchasing shares in Telus, and I now own 100 shares of this company. These 30 new shares have added $52.80 to my forward dividend income.

My total of 100 shares of Telus counts for $176.00 of my total dividend income. My annual dividend income now hovers around $1111.21. I say it “hovers around” because I don’t convert USD to CAD in my dividend calculations, and for the time being I am unsure of what Pengrowth Energy Corp. will be doing with it’s upcoming dividend payment.

With an annual dividend income of $1111.21, my average monthly dividend income is now $92.60. I’m beginning to see this number actually meaning something, rather than when I was making around $25 a month or so. I’m very motivated to get this monthly dividend income up to $100, as that will be a very nice milestone and it means I’m a bit closer to deploying out my dividend income into their own stocks – money making even more money.


November 2015 Dividends


November marks my eighth month of receiving dividends. I purchased shares in two companies for the month of November. I purchased:

This adds up a total increase of $157.20 to my annual dividend income. That’s very much to my liking. It’d be great if I could consistently incPlazarease my annual dividend income by $100+ every month through allocating new capital.

On another front, two of my holdings increased their distributions going forward.

Now that I’ve been investing for a little while I’m starting to see a couple dividend raises coming in. I should also be keeping an eye open for dividend raises as I’m not too up to date on all of my holdings every month. Through dividend raises, my annual dividend income has also increased an extra $8.20… By doing absolutely nothing; fantastic!

November 2015 Dividend Income

Tax-Free Savings Account
PLZ.UN $5.42
D.UN $8.40
HR.UN $4.95
PGF $0.00
DRG.UN $6.67
AAR.UN $3.90
Non-Registered Taxable Account
G $1.73
ZWU $7.02
WCP $7.50


Passive Income Paying Necessities

From my previous dividend income post for June, I announced that my monthly necessities add up to $290. Considering I received $45.59  in dividends this month, that means my passive income had paid off 15.72% of my necessities. That’s decent but there is a lot of spending on discretionary which I would like to focus on cutting back on. Perhaps budgeting will be a bigger part of my life in 2016.

Total 2015 Dividend Income

In total yearly dividend income for 2015, I’ve now totaled $453.66 in dividend income. I can now say I’ve made over $400 in passive income! I’m sure there are billions of people who’ve never even tried. I’m set to achieve my goal of $500 before the end of the year in passive income. That is – while I sit on the couch, eat some fish, or play video games – I’m still being paid. One month left to acquire less than $50 in dividends; here we go.



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