Month: June 2015

Stock Watch List July 2015

Stock Watch list For July 2015

Watch List

With June coming to an end and July looking like a month which will go through much turmoil, it’s best to be ready to jump  a stock which might interest you and have a list ready instead of scrambling to decide whether an investment is worth it or not during a quick market downturn. I had a much more calm month in June than my previous months of buying as I’m trying to play a little low key on the market and wait for some bigger opportunities as things have been steadily dropping.

I believe I made some shotgun purchases the past couple of months because I was so far behind on my goal to achieve $500 in dividends throughout 2015, but now that the path has cleared up, I believe I’m beginning to take things a little more slowly, and being a bit more intelligent about it.

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Passive Income Machine

Starting Your Passive Income Machine (For Beginners)


While I thoroughly enjoy jumping head-first into nitty gritty numbers; analyzing 52-week range lows and highs, P/E values, dividend yields and growth rates, payout ratios and EPS – I get that this is not for everyone.

Investing Made Easy

Some people don’t want to pick stocks; I hear people often say “I don’t know the first thing about investing. I’m afraid to lose money. I don’t trust the stock market“, etc, etc. and the list goes on. And for those people, I wouldn’t recommend picking stocks. I can already see this kind of person making a quick pick following the herd, losing a couple hundred dollars, and then swearing off the market for good. This is terrible because while you can lose money picking hot stocks, or even on good picks, the overall trend of the market is upwards over an extended period of time.

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The Fed Did Not Raise Interest Rates


No One Knows When Rates Will Rise

As an investor, you must know that the Federal Reserve increasing interest rate hike is the hottest news around, yet economic data points towards this being a relatively bad decision. Rates have been kept at record lows, between 0 and 0.25 % since the end of 2008.

As I anxiously awaited the news yesterday, not much more came from it than previous meetings. As such, the earliest expected hike will be in September… however it could end up being in December – and hell who knows, maybe it’ll be in another year? The point is no one on Earth knows, yet stocks love to play fickle around this news.

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My 2015 Goals Update

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The Hardest Part is Starting

It’s been about three months now since I’ve starting investing; putting my money to work for me instead of having it sit in a measly savings account. I discovered this concept of financial independence, and more so, achieving this status at a younger age than is traditional.

I’ve been able to put away a large portion of my salary away month after month into my brokerage accounts for investing in dividend growth stocks. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite limited in my selection, as I’ve kept my distance from the conversion rate from CAD to USD. In Canada, there’s not a whole lot of diversification. However, I’ve opened up positions in real estate (REITs), telecommunications, financials, energy, utilities, and mining operations.

The market’s been seeing a decent bit of a pull back lately due to a fear of a rate hike, however, nobody really knows when this will come. Heck, when I started investing a couple of months ago, everywhere I read, people were convinced rates would be raised in June, yet here we are – with rates remaining the same since 2008. When markets go down, all it means to us long-term investors is that stocks are on sale, and we should load up if we can afford to.

When I set out to record my journey in early April, I took a lot more charge of my financial life and my life as a whole. I feel as though a lot – a lot – of people don’t track their finances at all. I sure as hell didn’t before I started writing. I did save a lot though, when I used to work part time and go to school, I put away a decent sum of money which I’ve only begun investing now. It would have been amazing had I the foresight to invest way back then, but doing so now is still really early in relative terms to my life time.

Goals Are Everything

One of the first things I wrote on the blog was My Goals. While building the chart on that page, I realized that all of this was within reach, given time. And the dividend growth way of going about it preserved capital and increased cash flow – it was guaranteed income – and I love nothing more than absolute guarantees. All I gotta do now (in the simplest terms) is follow that chart and I’m home free before I know it! Though I’m prepared to face a multitude of trials and tribulations, I believe in it.

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Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ)

Recent Purchase: Canadian Natural Resources (TSE: CNQ)


On June 8th, I initiated a position in Canadian Natural Resources (TSE: CNQ). I bought 40 shares at $36.53, totaling an investment of $1461.20, plus a commision of $6.95 with CIBC Investor’s Edge.

When compared to other energy stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange, I chose this company for a variety of reasons which you can read in my full analysis of CNQ I published last week; informing all of how CNQ appears to be a dividend growth investor’s dream.

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Recent Purchase: Telus (TSE: T)


On June 5th I purchased 35 shares of Telus in my non-registered taxable account at $42.36, which totals a $1482.60 investment. I already own 35 shares in my TFSA, so I now own a total of 70 shares of Telus, which currently holds a market value of $2973.60 at the current share price of $42.28. Previously, I had paid $42.79 per share, so my average share purchase cost has been reduced to $42.58.

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May 2015 Dividends


Good morning readers,

I can’t believe it’s only been two months since I started receiving dividends from having the foresight to invest in dividend growing companies. It’s been an eye-opening experience of how an enormous part of wealth is built in America, Europe and many other places.

Plant Your Seeds NOW

I’m deeply grateful that I’m lucky enough to have everything I need and am able to put away a good portion of my funds into the stock market to act as little income soldiers. I look at every dollar I funnel into these dividend companies as little soldiers who go off and return every month or every quarter with some money that I can reinvest into my dividend machine, ultimately allowing me to achieve financial independence at a relatively young age.

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Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ)

Dividend Stock Analysis: Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (TSE: CNQ)

Stock Analysis

Welcome to another Canadian Dividend All-star stock analysis by the Dividend Beginner. It’s about time I diversify away from REITs a bit more, and while energy is down across the board, I figured it’s as good a time as any to start the hunt for an attractive energy stock. CNQ caught my eyes with its incredible dividend growth prospects and is currently trading at a very attractive discount, especially when compared to other energy companies.

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